Faruk Malhan

Design Foundation assumes the founding mission in the fields of creativity and design, and by this means centralized all its activities within the body of its center in Bodrum, in 2015. Design Foundation established in 2013 in Istanbul by Faruk Malhan founder of Koleksiyon, which has an unrivalled reputation for delivering design and service excellence to clients since 1972. The Foundation continues its activities for organising events integrating creative industries and creative economies. 

Design Foundation takes an integrated approach to all creative disciplines, suggests design values acknowledged by collaboration, open-work, pluralist and shared mind, and adopts a transdisciplinary research methodology proposing a learning-making-practicing environment. It is a project for creativity, creative labour, creative and self-respective work culture, and value-added production. 

Design Foundation aims to empower theoretical and experimental relations for the disciplines of arts, crafts, architecture, design, urban design and governance, and aspires to raise awareness for local, universal and environmental values.

Design Foundation makes collaborations with designers, artists, educators, researchers, technology, science, culture, creative economies and society leaders.

Design Foundation takes ‘’learning-making-practicing’’ as a founding principle within its theoretical framework, and makes emphasis to the significance of workshop studies as an open ground for cocreation. It promotes research processes by transdisciplinary, differentiating and inquiry-based, and design thinking methods. Through workshop studies contributed by designers, intellectuals, management gurus and renowned academicians, Design Foundation aims for designs which will generate high added value for the economy, and further domains of employment for designers. 

Design Foundation concentrates its activities for organizing conferences, seminars, design workshops, and exhibitions whilst taking an integrated approach to creative disciplines of art, crafts, architecture, regional and urban planning.

Design workshops, proposing an environment of ’learning-makingpracticing’’, act as a co-creation ground, lead workshop leaders and designers, and embodies design entitlements by a common ground.

Design Foundation aims to contribute to the developmental process of Turkey through creative ideas. In accordance with this mission, it appropriates the approach of ‘designing development’ and ‘applying design to developmental process’ in integrating design and development. 


• Seminars

• Conferences

• Workshops

Design Workshops
Through Design Workshop studies, Design Foundation grants theoretical and experimental references within the disciplines of design, arts, crafts, architecture and governance. Design Workshops; is a human-centered project aiming for designs which will embody experientiality, conceptuality and contextuality, integrating with values habituated by its place. Design Workshops do not perform object-oriented studies; the values and the contexts of the object are articulated; rather than producing goods, it aims for creating product, service, experience, inspiration, culture and value-added employment.

Home Economies
Home Economies; is a project to yield the implicit potential of women’s work force. The project addresses non-working women who were not able to be a part of the workforce, and aims to integrate them to the economy with self-respective labor.

UNESCO; Ministry of Economy; Ministry of Culture and Tourism; Ministry of Development; Development Agencies; Local Governments; Universities; Professional Associations; Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Institute; Museums; NGO’s; Sectors and Business People; Society; Local / International Communication Mediums.

UNESCO; Ministry of Economy; Ministry of Culture and Tourism; Ministry of Development; Development Agencies; Local Government; Universities; Trade Associations; TUBITAK; Museums; NGOs; Sectors and Business People; Community; Local / International Communication Channels


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