“Moments of Time” Ceramic Workshop was held on 22 – 27 August 2015, with the curation of Founder of Design Foundation Faruk Malhan, and with the participation of master ceramic artists for designing ceramic objects and art pieces.
The workshop theme “Moments of Time”, inspired the designers in connecting moments for contexts, places, culture, art and crafts.

The workshop, in the guidance of ceramic artist Tevfik Türen Karagözoğlu, hosted valuable artists and designers as participants; Kadriye Ağaoğlu, Tektaş Ağaoğlu, Mehmet Tüzüm Kızılcan, Mutlu Başkaya Yağcı, Candan Terwiel, Serkan Önder, Efe Türkel, Metin Ertürk, Şenay Akkurt, Müge Eryılmaz, Burcu Karabey, Yüksel Güner and Nural Şentunalı .

The participants attended the conference on characteristic archaeological terms of the Aegean region by Archaeologist Aykut Özet and Prof. Numan Tuna, and the presentation of “Moments of Time” by Faruk Malhan. The participants later took the special excursion to Bodrum Castle and Archaeology Museum and its depots to see Myken and Damlıboğaz antique ceramics. Periods of time and moments were felt within the layers of the castle.

The workshop participants worked on their pieces and designs in Bodrum Design Village Ceramic Workshop and amidst the mystical geography of Bodrum. At the end of the workshop, art pieces and ceramic object designs for daily use were realized.