Design Foundation Istanbul Exhibition ‘entangled’ during Salone del Mobile 2017
Design Foundation Istanbul exhibition ‘entangled’ sponsored by Koleksiyon, will take place during Salone Del Mobile at Triennale di Milano, between 4-9 April 2017.

The exhibition will display 80 selected works by 40 designers and artists from the Design Workshops 2016 programme held by Design Foundation Istanbul, including ceramics, glass, felt, papier-mache, jewellery, textile and fashion workshops.

The exhibited works are a reflection of the resonance amongst cross-sections of design, arts and crafts, production and techniques, heritage, geography, place, tradition, and craftsmanship, entangled with contemporary design.

The Design Workshops are organised and curated by Design Foundation, in Istanbul and Bodrum Ateliers since 2013 with the participation of designers, artists, makers and design students.

Covering the fields of design, architecture, urbanism, product design, ceramics, glass, textile, fashion and much more, the Design Workshops are led by international figures from all over the world including ceramic artist Mehmet Tüzüm Kızılcan, kilim artist Belkıs Balpınar, fashion designer Arzu Kaprol, felt artist Mehmet Girgiç who is on the list of UNESCO Living Human Treasures, ceramic designer Marek Cecula, glass artist Gabriele Küstner, glass designer Anu Penttinen, ceramic artist Vilma Villaverde, paper artists Uta-Tuna Çiner.

The Design Workshops are creative and collaborative platforms where permutations, multiple combinations, layered readings and writings, deconstructive propositions and cross-pollinations evolve into creative processes, potentially resulting in the creation of new design forms and inventions. The design aspiration is not the object, but for objects’ values and contexts. It is for design to extend beyond the realm of the object, becoming endogenous, experiential and conceptual, charged with values and contexts that go beyond ideas. And the objects purified of their material forms, relate to the future as much as to the past.


Design Foundation İstanbul

Workshop Leaders

Anu Penttinen I Arzu Kaprol I Åsa Pärson I Belkıs Balpınar I Faruk Malhan I Gabriele Küstner I Hasan Kale I Koray Ariş I Mehmet Girgiç I Mehmet Tüzüm Kızılcan I Nuria Bitria I Sofia Agerberth I Uta - Tuna Çiner I Vilma Vilaverde

Participant Designers I Artists

Atilla Cengiz Kılıç I Ayça Canan I Ayşe Türker I Ayşen Mehtap Kurbanzade I Bağdagül Demirtürk I Banu Konyalı I Başak Uysal I Burcu Sülek I Derviş Ergün I Ece Pınar Demirel I Elif Gültekin I Errin Kancal I F. Müjde Gökbel I Fırat Neziroğlu I Fidan Levent Balaban I Funda Seçal Gamze Nur Yanık I Gökçe Kömürcü I Gökhan Eryaman I Gözde Pınar Akpınar I Gül Gündüz I Gülşen Doğan I Kaan Gözüm I Kerem Ariş I Mehmet Girgiç I Melike Burcu Soysal I Monika Tymicka I Nagehan Süzgün I Nilüfer Çubukçu I Nur Eryılmaz I Onur Hastürk I Ozanhan Kayaoğlu I Selen Ülbağ I Serap Kayhan I Seyhan Yılmaz I Studio Kairos I Şenay Takuş I Tektaş Ağaoğlu I Tevif Türen I Theresa May O'Brien I Yıldız Parlakyiğit 


Melike Sungur I Merve Nur Sökmen I Nurcihan Beyazıt


About Design Foundation Istanbul

Design Foundation Istanbul was founded in 2013 by Koleksiyon, since its establishment, the Foundation’s programmes have been curated by Architect Faruk Malhan.

Design Foundation’s mission is to act as an incubator in the fields of creativity and design, aiming to inspire creative minds while adopting an integrated approach to all creative disciplines.

Design Foundation’s focus is to form theoretical and experimental ties between the disciplines of design, arts and crafts, architecture, urban design and governance.

Design Foundation champions open work, co-creation and design values based on intersubjective performance amongst designers, academics and young talents within various sectors of economic and social life.

Adopting trans-disciplinary approaches, Design Foundation leads and curates workshops, seminars, panels, projects, and exhibitions in different fields of design that aim at educational, environmental, regional, urban and rural innovations.

Design Foundation concentrates on building co-creative grounds, bases its theoretical framework on the idea of ‘making-learning’, and emphasizes the significance of workshops as grounds for co-creation.

The main objective of the Design Foundation Workshops is to catalyse incubation environments where creative and design minds experiment and experience deconstructive processes within a ‘making-learning’ framework as well as generating value for creative economies.

Exhibition Announcement on La Triennale di Milano:

Press Preview
Monday 3 April from 11.00 - 18.00
Triennale di Milano, Galleria B

Regular Opening Times
4 April 10.30 - 24.00
5 - 9 April 10.30 - 22.00

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Design Foundation Istanbul
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About Koleksiyon
Koleksiyon comprises a group of companies which have over 40 years’ experience and aims to develop the highest quality ideas, standards, and design concepts towards the creation of “the architecture of furnishing”. As a brand which transforms simple lines into design pieces and which signifies quality in design, Koleksiyon has maintained a strong presence in the furniture sector since the early 70’s, continuously delivering creative designs to the industry.

Koleksiyon cherishes and reclaims the treasures, shapes and colours of the past. It takes stock of the knowledge accumulated over centuries in its quest for the virtuous and meaningful. Embracing its rich history, Koleksiyon envisions its future on the basis of the history and geography to which it belongs. It believes that universal values may only be reached through the recognition and promotion of local values. Art and craft constitute the field of design, and therein lays the essence and value of design.

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